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Welcome to Starbucks! My name is Drew!


Jul 13, 2015 Employment, Partners, Success Stories , , , 0 Comments

Drew headline

This month, Drew is celebrating his 10 year anniversary as a Starbucks Partner! In case you couldn’t tell, Drew loves working at Starbucks. Around the store, he is well known for his helpful ways, his daily Mariners updates and greeting customers at the door with “Welcome to Starbucks! My name is Drew and I’ll be helping you today!”

drew awardNot only is Drew celebrating 10 years, but his store selected him as their Partner of the Quarter! Drew’s excellent customer service skills, his dedication to helping his team and his competence at his work were just some of the reasons that his store felt they should honor him.

Drew’s team said “We chose Drew as the Partner of the Quarter because of his dedication to help keep the lobby running smoothly. This allows us to do our jobs more effectively. We also recognized Drew because of his loving and welcoming ways with the customers and his outstanding high fives and fist bumps!”

Along with his award and a bonus, Drew’s team pitched in to get him a first class coffee cup and beverages that he can make at home!

Drew’s father was able to attend his celebration along with Alex, Drew’s Vadis Employment Consultant!

Congratulations on all your successes, Drew!

drew and dad

drew and alex

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