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Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)


Pre-Employment Transition Services provides job readiness training and career exploration opportunities to support students with disabilities in preparing for future employment.


Visit the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation website listed below for an overview of Pre- Employment Transition Services.





Gain Skills to Prepare for the Workforce


Classroom Instruction:

Work Readiness Training: Provides students with information and instruction to help them prepare for the workplace. Topics may include: resume creation, time and money management, and interview skills. 

Self-Advocacy: Teaches students how to make their own choices, gather information and use effective communication skills to better assert their own interest, desires, and support needs.   


Work Based Learning:

Job Shadow: Students have an opportunity to observe a skilled employee performing a job. This is a practical way for students to see what skills it takes to be successful in a particular job.

Tours: Students are given tours of jobs being done in local businesses.  This gives students an opportunity to see firsthand what work looks like in various business settings.

Informational Interviews: Meetings with employers in the community to learn about jobs in various fields and the qualifications needed to be successful in a particular field of work. These are not interviews to obtain a job so the focus should remain on gaining information.

Internships: Allow student ages 16 or older to experience work in the community for a limited period.  Internships give students opportunities to build valuable skills such as effective communication, time management, how to work with others and problem solve.  In addition, they also provide work history for students to add to their resume.


Pre-ETS are currently being provided by Vadis in Pierce and Kitsap Counties.

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