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Housing Development


The accomodations you need.   A rent you can afford.   

A place you can call home.

Vadis owns houses and duplexes in Pierce and King County which are rented exclusively to low-income individuals with disabilities. 88% of our tenants have an income of less than $14,500 per year. Our goal is to create quality, accessible homes with affordable rent structures.

Houses are purchased, primarily through grant funding, and upgraded as needed. Safety features and accommodations are added to meet the needs of the future tenants. 93% the residences have modifications specific to disabilities including: mobility, hearing, and visual. Tenant selection is determined by the residential service providers partnering with Vadis. 

Vadis owns over 30 residences. As the landlord, Vadis provides quality homes in good neighborhoods, close to services and transportation, and provides ongoing maintenance. We have many stories of how moving into a Vadis owned residence improved our tenants’ lives!

How You Can Help

In a time when it can be increasingly challenging to purchase a home, Vadis is looking for any homes available before they hit the market. We have tenants looking for single-story, single-family homes in the Pierce, Kitsap and South King County areas. If you know of anyone (friend, family member, neighbor) looking to sell their home, connect with us at [email protected]!


There are no open bids at this time.