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More About Us

Vadis believes in improving the lives of people with disabilities. We’ve created a number of programs which we find meaningful and which improve the lives of individuals we serve. Here are just a few!


Services to Youth Experiencing Homelessness


Vadis’ FLASH (Full Lives and Stable Housing) program provides employment and life skills services to youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness. Our staff help youth determine their personal career path and provide placement assistance. Our youth program focuses on developing skills which our youth may have missed during periods of homelessness by delivering training sessions on financial literacy, preparing to be a renter, leadership, nutrition, becoming employable and communication skills to help develop the skills they need to be successful.




houseVadis owns a number of houses and duplexes throughout Pierce County and one duplex in King County which we rent to people with disabilities. Our goal is to create stable homes and affordable rent structures. Some of the homes were purchased utilizing Pierce County Community Development Block Grant funding. Others were purchased on our own. Vadis partners with several residential service providers to provide onsite services. This program provides quality homes in good neighborhoods, close to services and transportation. As the landlord, Vadis makes sure the homes are well maintained for the tenants!

Tacoma Union Station

union station

Vadis provides building maintenance, janitorial and landscaping services for the Union Station Federal Court House in Tacoma. This government contract provides steady, livable wage work for several people with disabilities who take great pride in making Union Station shine!

Vadis also operates the Rotunda rental contract which assists the public in renting the facility for private events and also provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities. To rent the Union Station Rotunda, visit the website.