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Tony’s Safeway Celebration


Apr 30, 2015 Employment, Partners, Vadis News , , , 0 Comments


Last year, Vadis shared a picture of Tony celebrating his new job at Safeway. Tony was excited, motivated and ready to learn new skills.

A year later, Tony has had a huge impact on his coworkers at Safeway. His charming smile, his can-do attitude and his larger-than-life personality have all contributed to building a family atmosphere among the staff at the Safeway store.


A few weeks ago, as Tony celebrated his one year anniversary at the store, the management and staff decided it was time for Tony to learn how to “drive” and park the mobile shopping carts!

As always, Tony was up for learning a new skill, and after a few lessons, he was parallel parking the mobile carts like a champ!

The staff at Safeway has nothing but praise for Tony and his work at the store. He accomplishes everything he sets out to do!

Here at Vadis, we’re thrilled that Tony is part of the team and learning so many new skills!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Tony!


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