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The Brewmaster’s Taproom is known for its great selection of local beers as well as being a family and dog friendly environment. Now The Brewmaster’s Taproom will also be recognized for their value in diversity, commitment to hiring people with developmental disabilities and providing leadership throughout their community. Vadis will present The Brewmaster’s Taproom the 2018 Inclusive Employer of the Year award on January 24th, 2019.

Brewmaster’s owner, Marley, was a bit dismayed when notified of the impending award. “Why”, she asked, “would Brewmaster’s be honored for simply doing what is right; doing what every business should do.” She didn’t want to have the focus on the taproom, but rather to use it as an opportunity to share with her community what Supported Employment is all about.

To celebrate, Marley wanted to do something for her community; and from that an idea was born. She contacted Airways Brewing in Kent and asked if they would be willing to create a special brew for a great cause. They along with their 4-year old daughter, Hazel, were excited at the concept of crafting an exclusive brew to benefit individuals with disabilities. Hazel was even the creator of the brew’s recipe, so this Hazy IPA will aptly be named, Hazel’s EFA –  – India Pale Ale. The tapping will occur in conjunction with the award presentation.

Marley asked that the presentation occur on a “Brewers Night”; a night celebrating local brewers and customers. She wanted them to be present and to thank them because, as she said, “They are the reason we can do what we do.”

All proceeds of Hazel’s EFA sales will be donated, raising money for people with developmental disabilities to receive one-on-one job training and on-the-job support. Paying it forward is nothing new for Marley and her Brewmaster’s family, in 2018 they raised nearly $20,000 for various non-profit organizations.

Vadis is proud to honor a business with such a great community spirit and one who believes whole-heartedly in every person’s abilities.

Join us January 24th at 5:30 pm at The Brewmaster’s Taproom at 2000 Benson Road S. in Renton, for the award presentation, a slice of cake and, of course, some of Hazel’s – Employment for All – India Pale Ale.

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