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Staying Work-Ready Through a Pandemic

Employment Services

Debbie had volunteered at Francis house and had worked at the Orting School District and was ready to get back to work again. Vadis began the hunt for a great job match and found a position that was well-matched to the tasks Debbie prefers doing. She was hired as a lobby atendant at Jack in the Box in August of 2019. She enjoyed her team of co-workers and loved making them smile. Debby was thrilled! 

Then this spring the pandemic hit. Jack in the Box closed their lobby and Debbie found herself at home, waiting for the day she would get called back to work. During the downtime, Debbie is staying busy, maintaining her skills at home. She wipes down tables, sweeps, and does other tasks similiar to those at her job. She also practices wearing her mask properly, for the same amount of time as her work shifts, so she will be acclimated when the time comes to go back to work. She misses her co-workers and is looking forward to the day the lobby re-opens.

Way to stay engaged, Debbie! 


Photo: Debbie posing with her Vadis Employment Consultant, Sabrina, before the pandemic.

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