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Josh likes to stay busy. So busy in fact, that he was working three part time jobs and participating in Special Olympic sports before COVID-19 hit our state. Two of his three jobs are at two different Papa John's locations.

While Papa John's remained busy, Josh initially had to stay home to ensure the safety of his housemates. Wanting them to be safe, he agreed. As time ticked on, however, he expressed more and more how much he wanted to return and help his co-workers out during this super-busy time. His support team worked together to reach a safe compromise. Protocols were put in place and Josh happily agreed.

Supported by his Vadis Employment Consultant and using full PPE, he was all smiles as he returned to his Papa John's duties. He is proud to be an essential worker and a dedicated teammate. He is still eager to return to his third job and his sports programs but says, "We have to get this behind us first." His positive attitude is infectious. Way to go Josh!

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