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Don’t Stop Believing

Homeless Services

Don't Stop believing

Michael never stopped believing in his dream.

Vadis staff met Michael in 2015 through our Homeless Services program. Vadis supported him in securing an intial, minimum wage job, obtaining an apartment and furniture, and opening his very first bank account.

He successfully exited the two-year Housing For Success (H4S) program, but he had not achieved what he had wanted most, his dream job; he wanted to be a massage therapist. Vadis staff encouraged him to pursue his dream and he enrolled at a local college to study for his certification. Once the course was completed, Vadis provided funding for him to take the certification exam. Twice he fell short of passing. His team at Vadis worked closely with him to identify his personal learning style and encouraged him to keep studying, using the newly identified strategies. In 2017, Michael paid to take the exam one more time and passed! He now is employed as a full-time massage therapist, making well over minimum wage and recently signed a lease renewal on his apartment. The individualized support he received helped him accomplish his true dream and helped him become more self-sustaining. 

Congratulations Michael! Here’s to always believing!

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