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For 15 years, Mike has been making his way to Joint Base Lewis McChord where he works for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service as a dishwasher in the food court. Getting to work isn’t easy for Mike. He has to take a bus part way to work and then a taxi the rest of the way, because the bus is not allowed on base.

However, Mike’s dedication to his job never waivers and his hard work was recognized. A celebration was recently held in honor of Mike’s 15 years of dedication to his employer, and he was given a certificate and a bonus by his manager, Pat Beavers.

Beavers said Mike is dedicated and hardworking and does not leave until all the dishes are clean. He is also a great coworker, always helping out wherever he is needed. He is appreciated so much that his managers even take turns dropping him off at his bus stop after work, so he doesn’t have to take a taxi.

Mike’s coworkers love his dedicated spirit and his vivacious personality. Coworkers say Mike is known to pull out some dance moves while working, and he even did a short singing rendition of Elvis during his 15 year celebration.

“You don’t have a dull day when Mike comes to work,” said Beavers, laughing. “He is a laugh a minute.”

There was plenty of laughter at Mike’s party as he joked with his coworkers, and Mike says that’s the main reason he likes going to work so much – because it’s fun.


Linda Gibbons, Mike’s Vadis employment consultant, said that Mike hasn’t always been this outgoing and credits it to him finding a place where he loves to work and finds friends in his coworkers.

“They take the time to listen and interact with Mike, and he has grown in so many ways,” Gibbons said.


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