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Tyler doesn't want just any job; he wants a job that is the right fit for him


Here is a portion of a letter Vadis received from Tyler's mom recently: 

(shared with permission)

"Our family is on the beginning of our journey with Vadis to help find meaningful employment for our adult son. So far, we’re extremely impressed with the careful attention they pay to who our son is and what he needs.

For the past six years, he worked with a different supported employment company in a job that was not a good fit. Even though our son said every single day, “I hate my job” any attempt to find something different went unheeded.

Our son has volunteered in a school for 11 years and is a hard worker and wants to help and be useful. We are optimistic that Vadis can help find that fulfillment.

Even during the “stay home, stay healthy” order due to (COVID-19), our job developer is staying in touch, working on building skills, thinking about our son and what he needs to be successful. And she’s working on the next steps so that when we can resume our “normal” lives, we can continue the journey to find that meaningful employment."

Thank you, Barb and Tyler, for sharing your confidence in Vadis. We look forward to being out in the community supporting Tyler in a great job once it is deemed safe to go back to business as usual.
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