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A Great Job Makes All the Difference!

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For many, having a great job makes all the difference! 

Here is what it mean to Tanya, in her own words....

Hello everyone, my name is Tanya Harris! I have worked as a Production Assistant for Suddath at Microsoft in Redmond for 5 years. Suddath manages moving people all over the Microsoft campus. I am responsible for cleaning the crates used for moves and help with inventory in the warehouse. I love learning new things on the job and each year that I work here I get new responsibilities and job tasks. I have learned how to process paperwork which involves scanning, printing, and filing. Most recently, I took the Supported Employment Program’s “Computer Life Skills Technology School” and have been able to use what I learned in my job now. To learn more about my employment journey you can watch this video, here.

On a normal workday, I take two different buses to work which usually takes about 45 minutes. My first job coach helped me learn how to take the buses to get to work and now I can plan my schedule and ride by myself. Each day when I arrive to work, my team has a morning huddle. We talk about what moves happened the day before and what needs to be accomplished for the day ahead. My manager, Bianca, turns the meeting over to me and I get to end the huddle each time by saying “Happy Wednesday” or whichever day it is! Then the workday officially begins.

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Last year, I was asked to present on a panel at the King County School-to-Work Transition Fair on the Microsoft Campus in front of 200 people. I was a little bit nervous to do this. My manager and my co-workers helped me decide what I wanted to say, and I practiced it every single day. My team brought me flowers and a balloon after the panel to show me how well I had done. I felt supported and like I had done a great job doing something that originally scared me. (Pictured to the right: My team and I after the panel)

My current job coach, with Vadis, has been able to help me throughout my employment when I need additional support. They come by my work to make sure I am doing well and happy at work. My job coach has been able to help me complete online trainings and fill out paperwork.

It feels good to have the opportunity to work. Because I work, I have gained independence. I have gotten to save my money and do fun things I wouldn’t otherwise get to. Recently, I traveled to DisneyWorld with my friends. I loved seeing the fireworks at the castle.

I feel excited to come to work each day, I wouldn’t want to be stuck at home doing nothing. I love having money to do things I want to do. I love my job. I enjoy working with my coworkers. I’m so happy!

- Tanya

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