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Brian’s Perfect Job


Jul 8, 2015 Employment, Partners, Success Stories , , 0 Comments

Brian 1

Brian had a steady job in Bellevue. He’d been there for a few years and really liked it. Unfortunately, he worked quite a late shift and didn’t get off work until midnight or later. Since Brian doesn’t drive and the buses had stopped running, his mom picked him up every night. His Vadis Employment Consultant, TJ, knew the shift was difficult for the family and started looking for new employment opportunities. Brian’s employer was pretty sad when TJ heard of a job at Microsoft that would be a perfect fit for Brian.

brian 2Brian got the job at the City Center Cafe’ in the Microsoft building. He’s responsible for helping the main dishwashers put away dishes and also runs a cart out to pick up dishes from the different stations in the café and bring them back to the dish washing center.

One of Brian’s favorite things about his new job is the independence. The bus terminal is right outside his building, and because he works an earlier shift, he can easily take the bus to and from work instead of relying on his mom for transportation.

His other favorite thing about his new job is that he gets money added to his employee card each day so he can purchase meals in the cafe! Brian has been having a great time coming in early each day so he can try new dishes!

Brian also fits in well with his new team and they enjoy both the help in the kitchen and his great attitude!

Congratulations on your new job, Brian!

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